Safety and Hygiene Measures

Do I have to present a corona test?
No, The Fragrance Museum can be visited without a corona test.

Does the Fragrance Museum have special regulations for visiting the museum?
Yes, we ask you to keep the required safe distance of 1.5 metres from other people inside the museum and observe the currently prescribed hygiene rules.

Is there a limit to the number of visitors to the Fragrance Museum?
Yes, only a maximum of 20 persons can participate in one guided tour at the same time, a max 10 people in the Museum shop.

Is there a mask requirement in the Fragrance Museum?
Yes, wearing a mouth-nose mask (FFP2 or surgical mask ) is mandatory. This does not apply to children up to school age. Please bring your own mouth-nose mask.
To test fragrances the mouth and nose protection can be removed for a short time. But then pay particular attention to the distance to other visitors.

What hygiene measures have been implemented in the Fragrance Museum ?
There is contactless Disinfectant dispenser installed in the entrance area (hand disinfection).
The ticket counter is equipped with glass protection screen.
The cleaning concept has been intensified: surface cleaning/door handle cleaning at shorter intervals.
To provide a safe and high-quality air environment, AirCom Pro M UVC air cleaner from Bäro and KA-520 air cleaner (with HEPA 14 filters) from Kampmann are used in our fragrance museum, museum store for effective disinfection. The air is disinfected without chemical additives and without danger to humans.
In addition to conventional viruses, bacteria and germs, powerful UVC air cleaner and HEPA Filter Air Purifier also eliminate pandemic pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2.

UVC-Luftreiniger AirCom Pro M von Bäro

Bäro UVC-air cleaner AirCom Pro M

UVC-Luftreiniger AirCom Pro M von Bäro

Bäro UVC-air cleaner AirCom Pro M


Bäro UVC-Luftreiniger AirCom Pro M 

Kampmann Luftreiniger KA-520 (with HEPA 14 Filter)

When is the Fragrance Museum open?
The Fragrance Museum is provisionally open from July 01, 2021, Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00.
In any case, advance reservation is required. You can make a reservation either directly on our website, by email ( ) or by phone ( 0221-399 89 94).